Eric, Chris and the Grandkids

Carson, Boston, Jackson & Lincoln


Who better to quote than my very own Grandkids? Each is unique, special, and totally their own person. They surely know the measure of the man, and what type of Governor I would be.

The Grandkids call me Tza. The name came about because the first born, Boston, could not pronounce “Grandpa” and instead called me Tza. The name stuck and I am proud to be so christened.

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My grandpa, Tza, always helps me with my homework. He is cool, smart, amazing, and awesome. And, he’s the best grandpa ever! #herules

—Boston (age 13)

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Tza is funny, nice, kind and smart. And isn’t he already what he’s running for? A Pathologist? People buy plane tickets to hear his speeches around the world. And he helps me with confusioning instructions for my science kits. He is super smart and cool.
—Lincoln (age 12)

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He loves Butterfinger candy bars. Me too! He is the best Grandpa ever, even though he is strict sometimes.
—Carson (age 10)

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I like playing Connect 4 with him. Sometimes I beat him. For his birthday I gave him a dollar I got from the tooth fairy.
—Jackson (age 8)

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The whole family: left: Cory (son-in-law) with Jackson, Carson and Boston;
center: Mindy (daughter) with Lincoln and Garin (son);  right: Chris and Eric

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