Eric F. Glassy, MD, FCAP

Candidate for Governor of the CAP

Main Issues Facing the CAP

There are many issues the the CAP needs to deal with— advocacy, how we get paid, and member engagement being some of the most important.

But we have all dealt with the incredible disaster of the CAP website. Good people are working on it but I think we need a complete change in direction. Initiatives like the MyCAP app will surely fail and the PT and online education business evaporate if we can’t get our HTML house in order.

The CAP should be an Information Company. But too many times it is misinformation or inaccessible information that rules the day. We have just got to do better. Members continually complain to me about their inability to find critical information, access the learning portal to get CME, broken links and PT upload failures.

Below is a short list of issues I think the Board of Governors should address.

• Erosion of market share: it is getting ever more difficult to create new products and stem the loss of PT business to API and others. The CAP PT business is at risk and we need to find new ways to do PT
• Erosion of membership: our message is not resonating well enough. We need to clearly detail our value, leveraging the strong work done on segmentation
• LAP risks; streamline the accreditation process with the help of technology and exploit the data it collects
• Battle for the hearts and minds of members: advancing the business while at the same time advancing the members; figuring out how to help both co-exist
• Staff and member collaboration: creating better ties, more trust, better pathways to the BOG
• Information system challenges (too numerous to single out): the College is an information organization without a solid-enough suite of products or initiatives that position it to succeed; we have lots of content but are sorely lacking in ways to exploit it; IT should be woven into the entire organization and not thought of as just desktop support.
• Replace SCORES.
• There is too much focus on "business as usual"; the organization needs to be more agile, to adapt to a rapidly changing political and regulatory environment.
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