My Goals

During my last 3 years, my first term on the BOG, I familiarized myself with the duties and responsibilities of the office. I believe I represented the interests of members and was a voice of reason during discussions. I understand the goals set forth by Dr. Williams and I strongly support them. I attended all Board meetings. I was appointed to two committees of the board: Compensation and the Web Engagement Steering Committee (WESC). I am vice chair of CMPD.

Regarding Compensation, the committee is complex and it took time to fully grasp the metrics and historical workings. Financial machinations are not my strong suit and perhaps I asked too many questions because I was rewarded with the chairmanship. I will continue to learn and I am confident that I can be a fair, receptive and vigorous participant over my tenure.

The WESC committee is in evolution. In close alliance with vice chair Raj Dash, the committee has become emblematic of how staff and members can work together to create opportunities for members to be more closely aligned with College activities through web-enabled initiatives. But what was initially a focus on member-engagement turned out to be a rather remarkable opportunity to learn from and collaborate with staff. The committee was successful and I hope that its new iteration will be even more remarkable.

Being part of CPMD allows me to focus on my first priority, membership. I do not have a growth strategy but advocate for a value-strategy. This is the focus of the MSS and I strongly support this effort.

Finally, I firmly believe that a Governor of the Board should be as engaged as possible with all levels of the College but in particular its major initiatives. I have attended the Policy Meeting and spent very productive days on the Hill. I attend the annual meeting not just on the day that the BOG meets. I am there for the entire meeting and attend as many functions and CME courses as I can. I think it is important to be visible, even Wednesday afternoon when the hallways are mostly empty.

A Governor should be front and center, representing the College beyond the formal Board meetings. I attend state and local pathology meetings including API, TSP, CSP, DPA, ASCP, and FSP. And I attend because I truly enjoy these interactions and not to simply get signature pages completed.

Short Term
• Support the goals of the president and the organization
• Focus on how members can best continue to support the CAP. And Vice Versa
• Promote programs and initiatives such as See, Test, Treat, Digital Pathology, Informatics, and eLearning
• Find technology solutions to help automate and streamline accreditation
• Promote balanced scorecards and dashboards for CAP committees and Councils; good metrics can lead to better decision-making
• Focus on New in Practice and help draw them more fully into CAP activities
• Continue to improve and re-invigorate the CAP public-facing website
• Ask the right questions and press for the right answers
• Continue to promote the Advocacy arm of the college
• Continue to promote digital pathology and break down barriers to adoption
Long Term
• Help create a strong leadership program that incorporates the strengths of the House of Delegates, the CMPD, and the Policy Meeting
• Explore artificial intelligence and machine learning activities that will help the CAP maintain its leadership in proficiency testing, leaning, and laboratory improvement
• Revive the concept of a FutureScape program that is a showcase for pathology innovation
• Encourage programs that engage medical students as early as possible to illustrate the value of the pathology profession
• Make the College an Information Institution through improved use of informatics; focus on how informatics initiatives that can improve efficiency, member support, and bottom line business activities
• Put pathology informatics at the forefront of new health initiatives such as those proposed by, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Berkshire Hathaway
• Help the College embrace change and innovation
• Learn the College's pain points and help to diminish them
• Help to ensure that CAP committees are empowered to do what they are charged to do
• Continue to keep the CAP publicly accountable and transparent

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