Short Biography

Training: UC San Francisco, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
Specialty Expertise: Hematopathology, Informatics
Other Interests: Graphic design, digital pathology, video, woodworking

Dr. Glassy graduated from the University of San Francisco summa cum laude in 1972 and from UC San Francisco Medical School in 1976. He completed his Pathology residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in 1980 followed by a fellowship in Hematopathology. He was the Medical Director at Bay Harbor Hospital from 1983 to 1991 and at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center from 1990 to 1992. He has been the Medical Director at Little Company of Mary Hospital from 1992 to 2006. He is currently medical director at San Pedro Peninsula Hospital. He is Board certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology with a specific interest in Hematopathology and Information Technology.

He is former Chairman of the CAP Hematology Resource Committee, Publications Committee, Digital Pathology Committee and Curriculum Committee. He has also served on the Council on Education, Committee on Professional and Community Engagement, Council on Scientific Affairs, and the Council on Membership and Professional Development. He currently chairs the Compensation Committee and the Information Technology Leadership Committee of the Board of Governors. He was also a member of the CAP Foundation Board of Directors. He has received several awards from the CAP, including President's Honor Award (2012, 2015, 2018), Distinguished Service Award, and Excellence in Education Award. Dr. Glassy is the editor and illustrator of the CAP Color Atlas of Hematology, the CAP Color Atlas of Body Fluids, Color Atlas of Urinary Sediment and designer and illustrator of the Color Atlas of Hemoglobinopathies. His specialties include hematopathology, medical photography, digital imaging, graphic design, and computer applications. He is a nationally known speaker on Digital Pathology and the value of Pathology in Clinical Medicine. He has written several well received computer programs for pathologists and is also involved in pathology-focused video projects (filming and editing). He is a past president of the Digital Pathology Association. He is a Trustee of the American Board of Pathology and chairs the Continuing Certification Committee and the Neuropathology Test Development and Advisory Committee. He holds a greenbelt in Six Sigma.

Professional Things I Care About

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Residents and New in Practice
Hey! They are our future. We’ve got to mentor them, support them and encourage more engagement.
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Making Pathology Visible
I’ve presented this talk to several residency programs. Many practical examples are given to help pathologists create value by interacting more with clinicians and patients. In the most recent iteration, at USCAP 2019, I was joined by Ritu Nayar, MD, Matt Kuhar, MD, and Eli Morey, MD for a session entitled "It's a Pathologist's Life: Learning, Launching, and Landing."
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Digital Pathology
Whole slide imaging is the future. it is no longer nice to have but must be part of our pathology practice. The promise of companion diagnostics will often require image analysis. Get ready! Adopt or you’ll have to adapt.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will greatly assist pathologists in making the correct diagnosis and streamlining our workflow.
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I’ve been involved with informatics—self taught— over much of my career. I’ve written software programs to track clients, manage the warehouse, oversee IHC QC, and create imaged pathology reports.

The Board of Governors created two committees that I chair to work on informatics projects. The first was the Web Engagement Committee which recently expanded into the Information Technology Leadership Committee. Raj Dash is the vice Chair.
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The best staff in the world support some of the best educational products in the world. Their talents will be challenged as education moves to on-demand and electronic, web-based learning. I want to be there and help the transformation.
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See, Test & Treat
I have participated in two STT programs in Southern California. They were a terrific experience. Sy Nguyen, MD is a pathologist in my group who organized the effort. He received the Herbek Humanitarian Award.
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Graphic Design and User Experience
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I recently completed the second edition of the CAP Color Atlas of Hematology. I want to push the envelope of interactive pathology textbooks. The Atlas contains many links to virtual peripheral blood smears. Try scanning the QR code below or click on it to see a case of Chronic Phase CML.
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Pathology Reports that Make a Difference
Although pathology reports are often regarded as the center of our universe, little attention is given to layout, organization, and readability. I am passionate about creating reports that market ourselves and our practice.
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Continuing Certification
As a Trustee of the American Board of Pathology, I chair the Anatomic Pathology Continuing Certification Committee that oversees the CertLink Program. Ritu Nayar is my co-chair. CertLink is replacing the 10-year high stakes exam. It is open book and consists of 15 questions per quarter, tailored as much as possible to reflect the diplomates' specific practice settings. Read more about it HERE.
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